Here are a few questions I get asked regularly, hopefully this will answer a few questions for people.

Are you Dutch/Were you born Amsterdam?

No I’m English. I was born in Lincoln, England, UK.

How old are you?

I’m 24 (written in 2012)

When did you first visit Amsterdam?

I first came to Amsterdam back in November 2007 for the Cannabis Cup. I booked my next trip almost as soon as I got back to 
the UK. It was only a few months before I was back again.

Do you speak Dutch?

Meeste van de mensen die ik ken spreken Engels. Zodat ik spreek alleen een beetje Nederlands.

When did you start filming?

My first few videos were made during the Cannabis Cup back in 2007. I went with some good friends, had a great time and wanted to capture the experience, mainly so I could watch it back in the future. I thought I’d put it on YouTube, as when I’d been planning my trip I had watched a lot of other peoples videos on YouTube, I wanted to add my videos to the mix. That was the beginning. So I went back in 2008 and filmed and edited my first few real videos which became Trip To Amsterdam.

Why do you make videos?

This is a question I like getting asked. It’s the hardest one to answer but it always makes me think. Basically I make videos because I enjoy doing so. In another way it’s because there’s so little I can do for Cannabis and legalisation, this is my small part – showing the good and sharing knowledge. I just try and show Cannabis for what it is. Either way I love having a big selection of videos for others to enjoy. and hopefully learn from, and for me to look back on, and hopefully learn from.

Do you smoke Cannabis everyday/How much do you smoke?

I don’t smoke everyday, but I try to – thats the best way I can put it. I enjoy it and it does me less harm than probably anything else I do. I like to smoke in the morning with a coffee as much as I do after a long day. Cannabis seems to fit me and the way I want my life perfectly. I can’t and won’t speak for anyone else.

As for how much I smoke each day. Well that varies a lot depending on what I’m doing, what I’m smoking, how much money I have to spend and ultimately how much I feel that smoking at that time. Generally I’d say I smoke atleast a gram or two a day, often more if I can.

Do you smoke Tobaccco?

Yes, I do smoke tobacco. Yes, I know and yes, I know. I enjoy smoking tobacco, or atleast that’s my current opinion. It may change in the future – but will only be changed by me.




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