Welcome to the wonderful world of Hash!

Traditionally there are 2 types of hash. Black, from India and surrounding areas, and Blonde, from Morocco and surrounding areas.

Black or Indian Hash is normally made from the plant while it is still alive, rubbing and rupturing the resins heads with your hands to extract the resin from the plant. It is then collected together. This darker hash tends to have a heavier body effect (due to high CBD levels) with a full almost spicy flavour and is often very soft.

Whereas Blonde or Moroccan Hash is made from plants after they have been harvested and dried. They plants are the broken up and bashed and worked against sieves or screens, allowing the resin crystals to fall off the plant matter and through the sieve or screen. Different size holes on the sieve or screens give different grades of hash from different plants. The powder is then collected together and normally pressed into bars. This hash tends to have a more cerebral, head-high and a softer taste, often like chocolate, coffee or mint.

But that wasn’t good enough for the Dutch, so to go along with their Nederwiet (Dutch Weed) they created Nederhash. Which is basically a very good Moroccan Hash, using an a more modern setup, but made in the Netherlands. Better and more efficient methods lead to a cleaner, more refined and overall better quality end product.

Then Mila, a lovely Dutch woman watching her washing machine tumble round; bashing the dirt off her clothes, had an idea. A very good idea – Iceolator Hash. Using cold water, ice and a washing machine-like device to “wash” the trichomes from the buds. This method gives an even cleaner, better quality hash. Sometimes this will be pressed to make smoking easier, or sometimes it will be left unpressed.

The best iceolator hash will be “full melt” and just bubble and melt when smoked, leaving very little ash behind.

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world [of Hash!]

Thanks and as always,
Peace and Pot,
Andy / andrewpyrah


  1. loving this type of review, any-chance you can go back to this style in your video’s again? I know they might take longer but are way more in depth and detailed.


    Phil collins

  2. Thanks for the interesting information,Its good to see what it all looks like .Yummy wow that hash look freaking awesome..

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