Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 8

Hi Everyone,

I thought its about time for another update on the Royal Haze Automatic aka THE GROW.
Its now Week 8 and the plants have stopped vegetative growth and are now well into the flowering stage. Which, thanks to the autoflowering genetics from Royal Queen Seeds, started automatically. I’ve now started giving them supplemental feeds of BioBloom, an organic bloom nutrient from BioBizz – just to chunk the buds out a little and increase the taste and aroma with some good organics.

So what you’ve all been waiting for, the photos:

As you can see the buds are developing well. I’m pretty happy so far!

Peace and Pot,
Andy / andrewpyrah

4 responses to “Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 8”

  1. hi,
    what do you think will they be ready as said in 2 weeks ?and how is it with the odor?
    really good looking plants you got there.
    keep it up

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