Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW DAY 1

Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1

So you find yourself living in a place that tolerates growing 5 cannabis plants at home. The question – “where do I buy plant pots?” comes to mind. And thanks to Royal Queen Seeds (my employer) I’ve got 5 Royal Haze Automatic seeds to try out. I decided to give a couple to a friend to grow outdoors, so hopefully I will have some photos from that aswell soon.

But for now, heres a bit of information on the Royal Haze Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds:

Height: 60-100 cm
Effect: Cerebral and uplifting
T.H.C. Content: Medium-High
Genetic background: Haze/Skunk x autoflowering strains
Flowering time: Autoflowering
Yield: 50-80 grams a plant
Harvest month: 10-12 weeks after sprouting
Royal Haze Automatic is one of the 5 new Autoflowering strains released by Royal Queen Seeds.
(information/shop online at

Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1

So I decided to germinate these seeds using the paper towel method.

Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1 Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1


And after two days all seeds had germinated and were ready to be planted.

Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1 Royal Haze Automatic DAY 1

I then planted them into Jiffy’s and placed them into a propagator to give them a good start.


Stay tuned to watch them grow!

Peace and Pot,

Andy / andrewpyrah


P.S. If your someone who thinks plants should be illegal – FUCK YOU! Its a plant for godsake!





4 responses to “Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW DAY 1”

  1. Awesome plants… The Paper towel method of germination seems to work pretty good. I agree with you comment it’s only a plant, and it should be able to be grown.

    Cannot wait to see pics of the seeds you gave to your buddy, for outdoor growth!!!

    peace and pot

  2. Hey Andrew!

    Checked out the homepage of Royal Queen Seeds but I can’t find info on wether or not the beans are feminized. Seems very likely, but one like to have some sort of confirmation before buying. So are they feminized or not?

    Peace and pot (and happy growing)!

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