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This is a question I get quite a lot – what are my favourite coffeeshops or my top 3 coffeeshops? And to be honest the answer can change week to week but there are definitely a few coffeeshops that stand out from the rest.

So on with the show…

1. The Green Place

I visit The Green Place every week, sometimes a couple of times a week, almost guranteed. They have a nice mix of cheap 5 gram deals on Jack Herer, White Widow, AK47 and Northern Lights – which are all classic strains in my opinion. And I’ve come to love their Jack Herer – a nice sativa with a bit of an indica twist to it – its become my standard bud.

They also have an amazing selection of higher quality and thus higher priced bud – OG Kush, Trainwreck, Grape Ape and Candy Kush to name a few. This is a coffeeshop well worth a visit. And if your there often you’ll probably see me – buying some Jack Herer probably.


2. Rusland

The thing I love about the Rusland is, well its two things. One – hash. I love hash and Rusland have a great selection from round the world – Moroccan, Afghan, Nepalese, Dutch Iceolator – all at very good prices. And two – they were also one of the first coffeeshops in the city, and the first to get a license given to them, making them coffeeshop 001, as you can see on the signs.


3. The Greenhouse

My first real visit to a coffeeshop (a good one atleast) was The Greenhouse Coffeeshop on Haarlemmerstraat. Now this is a cool place – modern and clean looking, with a huge tribal design along one wall. But the best bit by far has to be the glass floor with a koi pond underneath. An awesome idea and I’m sure it comes as a surprise to a few tourists when they look down. They also have a wide choice of strains on their menu which is always being updated.



So thats my top 3 coffeeshops in Amsterdam, for now…

Peace and Pot,


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