Hi Everyone! Everyone High?

It’s been a fun month here in Amsterdam, another month of sweet sticky buds, bubbling hash and mind blowing bong hits. I thought I’d sit down and go through the last months stash, and try and pick out My Top 10 of the Weed and Hash in Amsterdam in March 2011. So if you are coming to visit Amsterdam anytime soon you will know what’s good.

So here goes…


1. Acapulco Gold from Amnesia

Wow is all I can say. Beautiful red and gold coloured buds with a sweet fruity hashy taste and smell. Genetics from the old-skool.

Acapulco Gold

2. Lemon Larry from The Green Place

A great cut of OG Kush. This one packs a very fresh lemon smell and taste. A good strong smoke. Ideal for kush lovers.


3. Jack Flash from Rusland

Very uplifting high. Perfect for getting the day started or for when you need something to give you a boost. Great up high with no crash or sleepiness. Full on sativa genetics.

4. Chiesel from The Dampkring

Cheese crossed with Diesel. What a taste! Like a skunky garage. A good addition to the well loved cheese family. Well worth a try.

5. Hawaiian Snow from The Greenhouse

Recommended by a friend. A good uplifting Sativa that turns into a heavy indica after a few smokes. Good fresh flavour.

6. Jack Herer from The Green Place

I smoke Jack Herer most days. A great Sativa with a bit of a indica twist. A clear head high with a nice warm indica buzz. Lovely!! So smoke up in honour of Jack!

7. Amnesia from Mellow Yellow

A great example of the classic Amnesia Haze strain, available in most coffeeshops. A good well balanced, heavy hitting strain. You can’t go wrong with Amnesia Haze.

8. Super Chocolope Haze from The Rokerij

An interested cross of Chocolope and Super Silver Haze. This gives it the great chocolatey slighty fruity Chocolope taste with an improved sativa high, thanks to the SSH.

9. Grey Berry from The Grey Area

This is some tasty bud. Bubblegum crossed with Blueberry. Sweet, fruity, stoned.

10. Honey Bee from The Dampkring

A very sweet tasting bud, recommended by the guys at the Dampkring. A nice hybrid with a nice high but it was the sweet honey like flavour that got my attention.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and hope this will be helpful to a few people planning trips to Amsterdam.

My Top 5 Hash will be coming soon!

As always,

Peace and Pot,


4 responses to “MY TOP 10 WEED IN AMSTERDAM MARCH 2011”

  1. Great top 10… The grey berry from the grey area… Looks so amazing so many crystals and Trichs love it….

    Cannot wait to see the Top 5 Hashes

  2. yes bruv. nice selection.

    i look forward to smokin some aculpulco. proper old skool landrace mexican weed. nice.

    Tho, to me all the weed in Amsterdam looks more skunk based than traditional. doesn seem to be much jamaican high grade or old skool thai. I miss that stuff. perfect balance of CBD and THC. chocolope looks really nice tho.

  3. top 5 hash would be great, I’m off to Amsterdam in June and some recommendations would be great

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