LA CHEESE The Green Place Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Weed Review

A review of some LA Cheese, a very tasty cross of LA Confidential (LA CON) and Cheese, from The Green Place Coffeeshop.″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″>

Here’s the breeder has to say about this strain:

We took our triple crown winner, LA Confidential, and crossed her into the Exodus Cheese (Skunk #1) cut. This strain is light green and stinky with a sweet taste and a very medicinal high. Some phenos will be short like the LA and some will be taller like the Exodus. The stinky Cheese and the exotic taste of LA Confidential makes for a perfect blend. She will finish in 8-9 weeks. If you want improved yields veg her 2-3 weeks from clone. It is recommended to pinch (not top) the plants to help with side branching to get the bushy affect. This strain is good for patients that have pain, sleepless nights, and eating disorders.

And heres a few bonus photos for you guys:

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