1. Hi Andrew.
    What is going on in Amsterdam?????
    My wife and I travel to Holland twice a year to recharge and enjoy the fantastic Coffee shops and unique atmosphere Amsterdam has to offer.

    We arrived to Amsterdam in early November 2014, coffee shop’s forced to close, coffee shops made to open a t 6.00pm until 1.00pm, hurting the owners and could force closures of even more. The Medicinal Marijuana shop closed as afraid of a raid for CDB with THC, I was there not 5 months ago and none of this had happened.
    this will kill Amsterdam Dead, Not Extracts are now allowed as class 1, same as smack and coke, STUPID.
    WE may not go again until it sorts its self out, there needs to be some movements to try to stop this happening, no petitions nothing, Everybody has said to me that they have gone backwards. Is this the way to enforce the weed pass ?? For gods sake the Cannabis cup was cancelled, and who will take the risk to waste 350 euro to an event that at best was PISS POOR anyway, no Free Cannabis is stupid stupid stupid, Pay 350 dollars get ripped off and have to pay for the priveledge, I have been to a few cups and also walk away feeling ripped. maybe we need to look at Cannabis in a new way in Holland as not far away for being restricted to tourists and stopping cannabis in Amsterdam being freely available I fear will be a thing of the past.
    Street dealers will come out and they want to sell anything and yopu buy weed and they ask if you need smack or coke or meth.
    Coffee shops sell Wedd and Hash Only,
    Amsterdam you are Fucked if you do not do something to counter this enforcement of policies that will be diametrically opposed and it will be Horrible as it was in the late 70’s and 80’s.I love Amsterdam and want to keep visiting, but I was so shocked how the city has changed in less than 6 months, SHOCKING INDEED, if going be in for a shock, it sucks as the city is fucking everyone for have FUN.
    Insanikus in the UK out, and thinking about going to Colorado for some Fun times:) 🙁

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