25th CANNABIS CUP Expo Schedule



Expo Schedule

Most of this will take place at Amsterdam Roest, Czaar Peterstraat 213-B 108PL Amsterdam

SUN. Nov. 18

1:30 PM — Danny Danko opens the Cannabis Cup with a cultivation seminar featuring international cultivation experts.
3 PM — Wernard Bruining discusses his version of “Rick Simpson” oil, produced to enable predictable strength and effect.
4:20 PM — Steve Hager, founder of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, welcomes judges and conducts opening ceremonies.
5 PM – Simon of Serious Seeds hosts a cultivation presentation.

MON. Nov 19

1:30 PM – Danny Danko hosts a panel of cultivation experts and records an episode of Free Weed.
3 PM — Nol van Schaik discusses the controversial Weedpass of Holland and cannabis tourism in the future.
4:20 PM — Bubbleman
5 PM – Swerve of the Cali Connection presents “Grow Your Own Medicine.”

TUES. Nov. 20

1:30 PM — Danny Danko hosts a panel of cultivation experts and records an episode of Free Weed.
3 PM – Soma, the leader of Soma Seeds, imparts his special brand of cannabis wisdom.
4:20 PM – Bobby Black introduces Miss HIGH TIMES 2012 Emily Aryn.
5 PM — Don & Aaron of DNA Genetics discuss their star strains.

WED. Nov. 21

1:30 PM – Mason Tvert, Freedom Fighter of the Year, discusses the battles he’s waged in Coloradoand the bigger ones on the horizon.
3 PM — Aryan discusses the international success of the Green House cannabis empire.
4:20 PM — David Bienenstock hosts a lively discussion of cannabis issues.
5 PM – Elise McDonough, author of The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cookbook, guides you to the creation of fabulous cannabis cuisine.

THURS. Nov. 22

1:30 PM – Mila, the “Hash Queen of Amsterdam” presents “Concentrates versus Hashish.”
3 PM – Adam Dunn of T.H.Seeds presents “Hemp Genesis 101.”
4:20 PM — Steve Hager closes the Expo. Later this evening, Steve will be inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame at the Cannabis Cup awards ceremony at the Melkweg.

9 pm — Cannabis Cup Award ceremony at the Melkweg


(more info at http://cannabiscup.com)


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