My Top 5 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam with a Map! The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam 2014

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what are the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam?” or “what coffeeshop has the best weed?, “where do I need to go to get the best weed in Amsterdam?” or a question like this. It’s a pretty straight forward question really, what is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam? But the answer is a bit more complicated.

A lot of it comes down to the type of atmosphere and “vibe” you like in a coffeeshop. However that being said there are a few coffeeshops that consistantly have the best Cannabis; weed and hash, in Amsterdam.

So I won’t ramble on…here it is:

My Top 5 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam for 2014 with a map and directions to and from Centraal Station to make it easy!!

  • Voyagers Coffeeshop & Hotel
  •  Grey Area Coffeeshop
  • Coffeeshop 1e Hulp (Eerste Hulp)
  • Bluebird Coffeeshop
  • The Green Place Coffeeshop

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Walk 6.13 km, 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

Walking directions are in beta. Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
I’m assuming you’re arriving at Amsterdam Centraal Station, Amsterdam’s main train station. If you just flew into Amsterdam then the train from the airport will bring you here.
 Amsterdam Centraal Station – Welcome to Amsterdam! 
Stationsplein 13, 1012 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
531 m, 6 Minutes
Walk south-west towards Stationsplein
19 m
Turn right onto Stationsplein
72 m

Continue ontoMiddentoegangsbrug/Stationsbrug/Waterkeringpad

Continue to follow Waterkeringpad
90 m
Turn left onto Prins Hendrikkade
81 m
Continue straight to stay on Prins Hendrikkade
227 m
Turn right onto Oudezijds Kolk
25 m
Slight left onto Geldersekade
17 m

 Voyagers Coffeeshop & Hotel


Geldersekade 2, 1012 BH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1.41 km, 17 Minutes
Walk north on Geldersekade towards Oudezijds Kolk
17 m
Sharp left onto Oudezijds Kolk
125 m
Turn right onto Zeedijk
19 m
Turn left onto Sint Olofssteeg
25 m
Turn left to stay on Sint Olofssteeg
49 m
Continue onto Oudezijds Voorburgwal
487 m
Turn right onto Damstraat
164 m
Continue onto Dam Square
105 m
Turn right at Kalverstraat
96 m
Turn left onto Mozes en Aäronstraat
104 m
Turn right onto Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
61 m
Turn left onto Molsteeg
54 m
Continue onto Torensteeg
43 m
Continue onto Torensluis
48 m
Continue onto Oude Leliestraat
14 m

 Grey Area Coffeeshop


Oude Leliestraat 2-14, 1015 AW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1.14 km, 13 Minutes
Walk north-west on Oude Leliestraat towardsHerengracht
46 m
Turn left onto Herengracht
177 m
Turn right onto Raadhuisstraat
181 m
Continue onto Westermarkt
148 m
Continue onto Rozengracht
520 m
Turn left onto Marnixstraat
66 m

Coffeeshop 1e Hulp


Marnixstraat 194 BG, 1016 TJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1.99 km, 24 Minutes
Walk north on Marnixstraat towards Rozengracht
66 m
Turn right onto Rozengracht
553 m
Continue onto Westermarkt
115 m
Continue onto Raadhuisstraat
406 m
Turn right onto Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
58 m
Turn left onto Paleisstraat
87 m
Continue onto Dam Square
136 m
Continue onto Damstraat
133 m
Continue onto Oude Doelenstraat
104 m
Continue onto Oude Hoogstraat
113 m
Continue onto Bushuissluis
32 m
Continue onto Nieuwe Hoogstraat
122 m
Turn right onto Sint Antoniesbreestraat
63 m

Bluebird Coffeeshop


Waterkeringpad 39-77, 1011 HB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
335 m, 4 Minutes

Walk north on Sint Antoniesbreestraat towardsSnoekjessteeg

Continue to follow Waterkeringpad
240 m
Turn left onto Nieuwmarkt
59 m
Turn left to stay on Nieuwmarkt
21 m
Continue onto Kloveniersburgwal
15 m

The Green Place Coffeeshop


Kloveniersburgwal 6, 1012 CW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
730 m, 8 Minutes
Walk north-east on Kloveniersburgwal towardsBarndesteeg
36 m
Turn right onto Nieuwmarkt
59 m
Turn left to stay on Nieuwmarkt
105 m
Continue onto Geldersekade
397 m
Continue onto Odebrug
92 m
Turn left
41 m

 Amsterdam Centraal Station

Stationsplein 1, 1012 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
And you’re back at Centraal Station!
So thats it, I hope this helps you in your trips to Amsterdam and helps you in finding the best coffeeshops, weed and hash in Amsterdam.

My Top 5 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam for 2014:

  • Voyagers Coffeeshop & Hotel
  •  Grey Area Coffeeshop
  • Coffeeshop 1e Hulp (Eerste Hulp)
  • Bluebird Coffeeshop
  • The Green Place Coffeeshop

What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Enjoy it!


11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam with a Map! The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam 2014

  1. Voyagers Coffeeshop & Hotel: is my favorite coffeeshop. n°1
    Coffeeshop 1e Hulp (Eerste Hulp): it’s my N°2
    Bluebird Coffeeshop: it’s my N°3
    The Green Place Coffeeshop: : the quality of product are not still good sometimes.

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