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Part 1 of the Weed and Hash Entries for The Highlife Cup 2012. A competition between some of the best weed and hash of the Netherlands. This year I’m lucky enough to be a judge so you’ll see many more videos coming soon!

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Watch the 2011 Highlife Cup here –

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3 thoughts on “The Highlife (Cannabis) Cup 2012 – The Judges Pack Weed and Hash Entries Part 1

  1. hello everyone shame i couldnt stay wednesday had to be back tuesday work purposes but will be coming down soon met some judges at the dampkring they had this oil thing cant rememba name but im not into bongs and they were all coughing plus i had a cold and a heavy chest freezing that monday tuesday anyways it was a 1oo euros for 1g and it came from denmark to enter cup i will let you guys know the next time im coming down please guide me to right buds …. thank you

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