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My Glass Bong & Pipe Collection – Amsterdam Weed Review /

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The Weed Star Mentalist Beaker Glass Bong – Amsterdam Product Review

A review of the Mentalist Beaker glass bong from Weed Star. A cool beaker style bong with an 8 tree percolator and bent back bubbler style mouthpiece. I’m a big fan of Weed Star glass bongs; they’re good quality and affordable, and this is one of my favourite pieces for smoking weed.

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SHORELINE (Devil’s Harvest) & Lighter vs Beeline – Amsterdam Weed Review″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″> - Shop Online with (EDIT) and help support this channel!

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My New Boost 3 Tree Perc (Percolator) Bong

Breaking in my new Boost 3 Tree Perc (Percolator) Bong, bought at Shainal Fashion on Haarlemmerstraat. A very nice smooth hitting piece, nothing too fancy but simple and effective.″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″>

Amnesia Lemon in a 4 Stem Ashcatcher Glass Bong – Amsterdam Product Review

Just thought I’d do a quick video so you guys could see the new(est) member of my glass bong collection. A nice blue and clear glass 4 stem ashcatcher, from my favourite headshop – Shainal Fashion on Haarlemmerstraat. And I just happened to have some nice Amnesia Lemon from the Amnesia Coffeeshop to try out in it – new strain, new glass – perfect! 🙂

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