KUSH COCKTAIL Voyagers and The Stones Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Weed Review

Hi Everyone,

Since its been some time since I posted my last video I wanted to make sure this video was something special. So I collected together a few different types of kush for a nice kush cocktail. In this cocktail went Kosher Kush, OG 19.5 and Skywalker OG, from Voyagers Coffeeshop, and Kandy Kush from The Stones Corner Coffeeshop. What can I say… It was good, very good!

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In the Grinder


2 MILLION VIEWS! Celebrating with a few Bong Hits of Kosher Kush

Today I found out that my video views had passed 2 million. 2 MILLION VIEWS! So I treated myself to some very nice Kosher Kush from Voyagers Coffeeshop. Thanks to everyone who’s watched, subscribed, commented and liked my videos!

There are now 3 seasons of Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour, lots of episodes of Amsterdam Weed Review aswell as coffeeshop menus and more, so please check out my old videos if you haven’t seen them.

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