Slimer Glass Rig (Ghostbusters) by Dellene Peralta at the Original Dampkring Gallery Amsterdam

The Slimer Glass Rig by Dellene Peralta has got to be one of my (many) favourites at the Original Dampkring Gallery. It’s great to see all this amazing glass in a gallery settings. It’s free to visit and well worth a look if you’re in Amsterdam.

How To Quickly Clean a Glass Bong with Alcohol & Salt – Amsterdam Weed Review

One of the downside of smoking glass bongs is they can get dirty pretty quickly, but the benefit of glass is its easy to clean. Here I show one of my methods for cleaning bongs. I find the quickest and easiest way to clean a bong is using alcohol and salt. Its really quick and easy and gives leaves you with a really clean bong. Everyone prefers smoking out of a clean glass bong and cleaning a glass bong with this method is easy.