How To Quickly Clean a Glass Bong with Alcohol & Salt – Amsterdam Weed Review

One of the downside of smoking glass bongs is they can get dirty pretty quickly, but the benefit of glass is its easy to clean. Here I show one of my methods for cleaning bongs. I find the quickest and easiest way to clean a bong is using alcohol and salt. Its really quick and easy and gives leaves you with a really clean bong. Everyone prefers smoking out of a clean glass bong and cleaning a glass bong with this method is easy.

The WeedStar ShowerCap Perc ‘Jackson 3’ Glass Bong

So I’d been thinking lately about buying a new bong, nothing different there I suppose. But this time I wanted to get something a little different. I’ve seen a lot of new percolator bongs lately and one that’s grabbed by eye has been the showercap perc. I’ve seen some beautiful fully worked US made showercap bongs but this is a bit out my price range. So I went for something a bit more affordable but still a well made, nice hitting bong.

I walked into the Cannabis Cup Expo and saw this bong sat on the stall. I’d seen it on the internet a few days before and was seriously thinking about buying it. So when I see it sat infront of me, well I had to have it. The guy from GrassCity was very cool, giving me a good discount and a free bowl aswell! Its a really smooth hitting bong and looks awesome when you smoke through it.

And here are some extra photos for you to enjoy!

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