My New Boost 3 Tree Perc (Percolator) Bong

Breaking in my new Boost 3 Tree Perc (Percolator) Bong, bought at Shainal Fashion on Haarlemmerstraat. A very nice smooth hitting piece, nothing too fancy but simple and effective.″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″>

Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Weed Review

So it’s the video I know a lot of you having been waiting for. I finally sit down and review the Royal Haze Automatic. I grew on my windowsill. I ended up with two phenotypes, one more indica and one more sativa. Overall for the conditions it was in I’m very happy how it turned out.″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″>


ROYAL HAZE AUTOMATIC THE GROW is brought to you by Royal Queen Seeds Company – or if in Amsterdam visit High Quality Seedbank on Haarlemmerstraat and you can get them from me in person 🙂

Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – THE HARVEST Part 1 of 2


Wait a second that needs to be bigger…


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After 12 weeks (88 days) the life of the Royal Haze Automatics from Royal Queen Seeds that I’ve been growing are finally ready for harvesting.″ frameborder=”0″ width=”425″ height=”349″>


Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 12

So its now Week 12, the Royal Haze Automatic’s last week of growth/flowering. In the last few weeks the buds have increased in size, the aroma is quit strong and the buds are heavily coated in trichomes (THC producing resin glands).

I have to say I’m really impressed how well these autoflowering plants have performed, considering they are not only autoflowering but even more impressive is that they have only been growing, in pots of soil, on a windowsill in my bedroom – not exactly a high-tech grow room! No HPS lighting, no ventilation/extraction fans, no hydroponic system. Absolutely nothing complicated!

The only ‘extras’ I’ve used are two BioBizz products. Root Juice, a root stimulator, to help with root growth and BioBloom, a nutrient designed for the flowering stage. Both of these products are organic! Thus no heavy chemical nutrients were used. I also used AllMix a soil/compost mix with worm castings and Perlite, together with a ‘pre-mix’ of biologically active organic ingredients, also made by BioBizz.

I’m a big believer in using organic nutrients, not only are they more natural but I honestly think that organically grown cannabis (and most other plants) do taste and smell better. With the advancements in growing techniques and nutrients specifically designed for cannabis – partially due to legalisation in many areas of medical use – the quality and ease of use of organic nutrients has improved greatly. Even in the world of hydroponics, organic nutrients can now compete well with their chemical/mineral based counterparts. The price of organic nutrients also seems to be in line with “regular nutrients” aswell now.

But anyway enough of my ramblings, here are a few photos for you:

As you can see they are about ready to harvest – so that’s what I did.

More coming soon! Including videos of the harvest!!

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Hi Everyone! Everyone High?

It’s been a fun month here in Amsterdam, another month of sweet sticky buds, bubbling hash and mind blowing bong hits. I thought I’d sit down and go through the last months stash, and try and pick out My Top 10 of the Weed and Hash in Amsterdam in March 2011. So if you are coming to visit Amsterdam anytime soon you will know what’s good.

So here goes…


1. Acapulco Gold from Amnesia

Wow is all I can say. Beautiful red and gold coloured buds with a sweet fruity hashy taste and smell. Genetics from the old-skool.

Acapulco Gold

2. Lemon Larry from The Green Place

A great cut of OG Kush. This one packs a very fresh lemon smell and taste. A good strong smoke. Ideal for kush lovers.


3. Jack Flash from Rusland

Very uplifting high. Perfect for getting the day started or for when you need something to give you a boost. Great up high with no crash or sleepiness. Full on sativa genetics.

4. Chiesel from The Dampkring

Cheese crossed with Diesel. What a taste! Like a skunky garage. A good addition to the well loved cheese family. Well worth a try.

5. Hawaiian Snow from The Greenhouse

Recommended by a friend. A good uplifting Sativa that turns into a heavy indica after a few smokes. Good fresh flavour.

6. Jack Herer from The Green Place

I smoke Jack Herer most days. A great Sativa with a bit of a indica twist. A clear head high with a nice warm indica buzz. Lovely!! So smoke up in honour of Jack!

7. Amnesia from Mellow Yellow

A great example of the classic Amnesia Haze strain, available in most coffeeshops. A good well balanced, heavy hitting strain. You can’t go wrong with Amnesia Haze.

8. Super Chocolope Haze from The Rokerij

An interested cross of Chocolope and Super Silver Haze. This gives it the great chocolatey slighty fruity Chocolope taste with an improved sativa high, thanks to the SSH.

9. Grey Berry from The Grey Area

This is some tasty bud. Bubblegum crossed with Blueberry. Sweet, fruity, stoned.

10. Honey Bee from The Dampkring

A very sweet tasting bud, recommended by the guys at the Dampkring. A nice hybrid with a nice high but it was the sweet honey like flavour that got my attention.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and hope this will be helpful to a few people planning trips to Amsterdam.

My Top 5 Hash will be coming soon!

As always,

Peace and Pot,