Smoking Vs. Vaporizing


25 responses to “Smoking Vs. Vaporizing”

  1. Looking at videos and there saying d solo is d biggest selling vape on d planet, also looking at videos 4 d arizer eq looks quality not many have a bad word 2 say about it and its cheap only thing i dont like is sucking through a plastic wip i prefer glass

  2. MFLB is to much work…. Dirty and just on the long side….
    I see a lot of people chatting about this new one in the last 3 weeks…… (Pinnacle Pro)

  3. Ye pure grass are few and far between with d prices in Irl, 2gr €50 mostly always indica, was thinking buy a volcano but 2 dear and u just put d solo in ur pocket and vape on d go

  4. Looks like the new thing, pure weed!! Need a lot of money for that, I would say, I must blaze around 7-8 jays a day!! If that was pure il have to buy 7 grams for the day

  5. Drag is fine have no problems, have it 7 months and no problems with d unit either it has a bit of weight in it and its very sturdy

  6. Nice picture. Only in top ten vaporizers – pictures and legend didn’t match (picture 10 is herbalaire, in legend it is marked as 6), and I don’t like Fahrenheits 😉

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