Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 9

Hi Everyone!

The Royal Haze Automatic are now in Week 9 and are 69 days old from seed. Remember these are just growing on a windowsill with no professional (and often expensive) equipment. The buds are getting fatter and the smell is really starting to develop.

Here’s a few photos for you:

As you can see the buds are growing nicely. I am still feeding them BioBizz BioBloom (a very affordable organic nutrient – I bought 500ml for around 5 euros), currently at 5ml per litre of water with every watering. They seem to be liking the extra nutrients with no signs of stress. I’m not expecting a large yield but hopefully good nutrients will help get me a few extras grams. There are now only 2 or 3 weeks left and then its harvest time!!

Peace and Pot,

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