Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 10

Hi Everyone,

The Royal Haze Automatic are doing very well and are now in Week 10 of THE GROW. I’m still feeding BioBizz Bloom at 5ml per litre with every watering and the plants seem to be liking it. The buds have swelled over the last few days, some of the pistils are beginning to turn orange and the trichomes (that produce that lovely THC) are developing well, covering all parts of the flowers. The smell is also becoming more pungent as the days go by, a fresh hazey almost citrus-like smell. All is good.

Peace and Pot,
Andy / andrewpyrah

5 responses to “Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW Week 10”

  1. ok i´m hoping that its going to be descent and that you have a pleasant smoke and some feedback how were the goods 😀

  2. really good lookin´plants you got there,how much time till harvest?
    and how much will be the approximate yield?

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