Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW DAY 21 (Week 3)

Royal Haze Automatic Day 21

Its only been 21 days (3 weeks) since they were only seeds but the Royal Haze Automatic have grown into strong little plants. They are now showing their 5 fingered leaves, and a slight smell is starting to come from the plants when touching the leaves – an almost spicy hazey smell. I’m still really happy with how they are growing – given their very basic growing environment of my windowsill. There is quite clearly one plant that is not doing as well as the other two, but with plants in an inconsistent environment this can often be the way.

But words can only say so much.

Here are a few photos of the Royal Haze Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds, now at Day 21 from seed:


Hopefully they will keep growing strong and should start showing flowers soon.

As always,

Peace and Pot,

Andy / andrewpyrah

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