My Thoughts on the Cannabis Cup 2012 Results

So on the 22nd November the awards ceremony for the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup was held at the Roest in Amsterdam. You can see videos from the awards ceremony here, and the final results video here or in text here. In this post I’m going to go through the Cannabis Cup 2012 results, category by category, and share my thoughts on the winners. Obviously these are just my opinions but I’ve been asked by a few people to do something like this so I thought I’d share it with you guys.



The category was dominated by Kush. Kush is good, I like Kush. Technically its not really a full Indica, or atleast the new US style Kush strains anyway. However it hits like a 150% Indica.

1st Place went to Kosher Kush from Reserva Privada, DNA Genetics sister company. I’m a big fan of Kosher Kush, its a very strong strain with an equally strong aroma and taste. I highly recommend Kosher Kush to all smokers! 🙂

I’ve not tried the 2nd Place winner, the True OG from Elemental Seeds. Yet. But it’s one I’ll keeping my eye out for. And I’ve only tried the 3rd Place winner SFV OG Kush fromCali Connection once or twice. It’s a bit more of an old school OG Kush, more like the original.



One of the most popular strains in Amsterdam Coffeeshops and a lot of it comes originally from Soma. Although I believe Hy-Pro were the original breeders of Amnesia Haze, Soma is the man who made it what it is today atleast. He’s also a well known player in the Cannabis scene is Amsterdam. I think this strain and Soma both deserve the recognition of 1st place.

I really want to try the 2nd Place winner Sour Amnesia from Hortilab. Hortilab breed some really tasty strains – Starbud, Sour Power, Sour Pink Grapefruit – all extremely tasty strains! Sadly I haven’t found the Sour Amnesia, yet, but I think there maybe some in Amsterdam soon, hopefully.

I haven’t seen the 3rd Place winner Green Shack from Strain Hunters Seedbank – which is Greenhouse Seeds new side project. They are a big company and thus win a lot of cups…what more can I say?



This is going to be an easy one. I haven’t tried any strains in this category. One of the dissappointments with the Seed Company categories being voted on by the VIP judges only.

Well that’s for now. I’ll post the rest in a few days.

Thanks for reading and please share this post (and this site) with your friends!!

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