Green Kush from The Green Place

Another great tasting, heavy hitting Kush from The Green Place.

As always,
Peace and Pot,
Andy / andrewpyrah

2 responses to “Green Kush from The Green Place”

  1. I agree a rating system would be very useful as there are lots of videos out there that just show the bud but none really rate them. I realise this is hard to do and opinion based but it would be helpful for people who are visiting amsterdam once a year or so. Alot of people feel that some of the higher priced strains are not worth the money and the cheaper alternatives are actually better, would be interesting if you could give the buds a rating based on various things such as taste etc as outlined above.

    Do you have many edibles and if so would it be possible for you to make a video outlining where the best examples are found as had some from dampkring a few years back and was not impressed.

  2. Alrite Andy would be good if you had some sort of rating system , for value, taste, strength and maybe put where the best place would be to get the strain

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