Hi Everyone!

One of the questions I probably get asked the most these days is:

What’s the best coffeeshop ?

The best coffeeshop varies depending on what you like, much like with bars or clubs. There are modern coffeeshops, arab style coffeeshops, old style dutch coffeeshops, arty coffeeshops and a few more different types. All with different appeals to different peoples. While most of Amsterdams Coffeeshops sell good quality cannabis, there are definitely a few that stand out above the rest – they have it all; a nice place, high quality menu and a friendly staff.

So here we go – 3 Amsterdam Coffeeshops You Have To Visit! (in my opinion)

Voyagers Coffeeshop (Geldersekade 2, 1012 BH)

The first place you need to go to when you get off your train at Centraal Station is Voyagers Coffeeshop. Its pretty much across the road from the station and just a bit to the left. Over the last few months this coffeeshop has definitely become a favourite of mine, judged by the amount of time and money I’ve spend there. To start with, the menu, its really what a coffeeshop is about – a good selection of quality weed and hash at good prices. Voyagers excells at this. Almost everything on their menu is top quality and they are always adding new varieties.

I really have to give credit to the staff – not only do they treat every customer like a friend (which is why you’ll see a lot of repeat customers – locals and tourists) but they really care about the quality of their weed and hash – this you can tell by reading the menu and looking at the jars full of beautiful, aromatic buds. Oh and they also have a recently refurbished hotel aswell, just above the coffeeshop – so you never need to leave! What more could you want?


The Green Place Coffeeshop (Kloveniersburgwal 4, 1012 CT – on Nieuwmarkt)

My next recommendation is another favourite of mine, unsurprisingly I suppose. Come out of Voyagers Coffeeshop, turn to the right (as your facing Centraal Station) and head straight down the Gelderskade canal. This will take you to Nieuwmarkt, and you’ll see a church-like building, which is actually a bar/resturant, head past this building, sticking to the right. You’ll soon see The Green Place. This is one of the coffeeshop’s in Amsterdam where making the choice from the menu can be quite hard – due to the good range of well-known high quality buds. With a heavy kush selection, including OG Kush, Kandy Kush, Lemon Kush and often a few more. Aswell as strains like Kali Mist, Blue Cheese, Trainwreck and many others. This place has good green, they also have some very nice hash.

Designed to a look like a modern wine bar or (non-cannabis) coffeeshop. This is one of Amsterdams coolest looking coffeeshops. With a large bar, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, a chilled-out smoking room in the back and a couple of tables outside your sure to find somewhere to fire up a fatty, or a big bong hit!


The Grey Area (Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW)

This one can be a bit harder, come out of The Green Place and head down Kloveniersburgwal, turn right when you get to Damstraaat, (opposite The Headshop) follow this road down, across the canals to Dam Square.  Cut across the square, behind the palace and head down Raadhuisstraat, turn right after you cross the Singel canal. Head forward until you get the next turning, Torensluis, look left!

Once you’ve got to Grey Area your first thought may be how small the coffeeshop is. And that’s if you get there before 8pm, as they close early.  BUT when you get in and walk up the counter, see the menu and the great buds – you’ll understand why Grey Area is a well respected coffeeshop here in Amsterdam. They always have a good selection of strains and have good connections with DNA Genetics so expect a few DNA strains on the menu.


That was harder than expected – hope you enjoyed reading it!